Innovation and Continuous Development

Since our foundation in 1974, dedicated to the injection of plastic parts, we have been shaping our organization to position ourselves at the forefront of the agricultural sector.

Installed in the most important agro-industrial center in Argentina, our production was directed to the development of parts and devices to supply the manufacturers of seeders.

The permanent incorporation of technology, and continuous learning about the treatment and behavior of polymers in the injection process allowed us to acquire recognized technical knowledge. Differential that is reflected in the effective solutions that we develop for one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

Aware of the need to provide maximum precision to the parts we injected, we incorporated a tooling sector that, provided with the best technical and human resources, allowed us to close an integrated production circuit. We also acquired technology for modeling and 3D printing, with these new tools we optimize our design process.

This productive concept was consolidated from the new century with the ISO 9001 certification, the implemented Quality Program externalized our permanent attitude in the search for excellence and strengthened us on the path of innovation and continuous improvement.

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